Development is halted due to lack of spare time

Kuroo is now unmaintained. I want to thank all contributors of usability, coding and translations.
New! Release of Kuroolito-0.10.1
Kuroolito (Kuroo-lite) is a portage browser with fast search a la firefox. Check out the Changelog.
Kuroo 0.81 RC1 is now available
We are proud to announce the immediate availability of the first release candiadte of Kuroo 0.81. RC1 addresses bug and stability fixes only. Read the Changelog or install it right away. Note that RC1 is currently only available in English. If you are interested in translating Kuroo into your own language, please contact us.

Kuroo is a graphical frontend to Portage, a package management system that allows great flexibility while installing and maintaining software for getting a blog. Kuroo integrates into the K-Desktop-Environment and covers most common maintenance tasks on Portage based systems.

Key Features

  • Two Column Selector
  • Filter Mechanism
  • Package Inspector
  • Progress bars
  • Use-Flag Editor
  • Emerge History
  • Configuration management
  • Emerge Queue
Kuroo small

Go to the features page for detailed feature descriptions.
Have a look at the screenshots to see what Kuroo looks like.


Our project vision:
  • Kuroo is easy to use

    The main functions of Kuroo are easily understandable and must work out-of-the-box without any further reading or third-party help.
  • Kuroo is supportive

    The interface guides the user to manage all basic portage maintenance tasks.
  • Kuroo is stable

    Kuroo is a solid application that can be trusted. It is well known for its reliability.

To ensure the best user experience there is, Kuroo cooperates closely with usability specialists from

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