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If you have any kind of questions, suggestions, bug reports, whatever about Kuroo or just want to to tell us how much you dislike that green and pink color from our website ;-) go ahead and let us know!

  • The fastest way is by IRC. We lurk around in the channel #kuroo on If you are running KDE we suggest using Konversation as an IRC client.
  • Report bugs in the trac ticket system
  • Visit Kuroo at, leave a comment there and vote :-)
  • Mail us at
  • Donate via PayPal. Donations will be spent on developer meetings, server hardware upgrades, usability tests and the like:

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People behind Kuroo

Picture of Karim

Karim Ryde

Project starter, main developer, the man behind
Nick on IRC: karye

Picture of Björn

Björn Balazs

Usability specialist from
Nick on IRC: Alcapond

Picture of Florian

Florian Grässle

Usability specialist from, member of KDE usability - usability work and web site design
Nick on IRC: holehan


  • David Carlos Manuelda - 0.81.0 development
  • Matteo Azzali - Italian translation
  • Wolfgang Bartelme - Kuroo icons
  • Gombault Damien - French translation
  • Konrad Mantorski - Polish translation
  • Jakob Petsovits - Portage version code
  • Alexander Reiterer - German translation
  • Jan Schnackenberg - German translation; bug reporter, hunter and fixer
  • Alexander N. Sornes - Norwegian translation
  • Manuel Schmidt - Python and Qt programming
  • Tina Trillitzsch - initial Persona work and "logo contest!" icon

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